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Being Like Jesus
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Date:2009-03-31 12:30

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Date:2009-03-23 18:39

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Date:2006-01-11 16:17
Subject:Walking the talk

The posts here have talked about being addicted to sin and the sinful nature, causing others to sin, and being afraid to rock the boat in terms of offending non - beleivers. These posts are very powerful, right on the point, and they spoke to me.

Some of us are mature enough to know ourselves, know what to watch in ourselves so we don't allow our old nature or old things to creep back in in all that we say and do. Some others are still approaching maturity. There is no doubt that the approach the maturity is filled with things that make one's head spin. In our walk with the Lord, we are broken down and rebuilt. He rebuilds us as we grow. Changes take place that are not always understood by us.

As we feel the growing pains, and the changes take place; it becomes very tempting to take some of the old things back into our hands. It becomes easy to cut corners, lose one's nerve, become complacent, and make christianity to be what we want it to be. Too often we forget that the Lord's eyes are upon us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays, even in our sleep. Do we forget that our physical lives will one day come to an end? When that happens it is in scripture, it is God's law that we will stand before him accountable for our lives. John 5:24-30, and the entire book of Revelation speaks directly to our accountability to the Lord.

We need to pray for the gift of discernment so we know what the right things are when we come into those gray areas. As we walk the talk, we need to seek God's will. It is good to be still while waiting on the Lord. As we seek to do his work, we should continually accept training in his ways. To submit to him is the best thing ever. We need to always give thanks to him. As we are ministered to, as we are blessed, so we move forward to give what we have been given. It is when we do these things all at once that we can walk the talk without being hindered by the enemy.

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Date:2006-01-05 20:13

Who doesn't have a sin they have to deal with almost everyday? Who doesn't have an addiction, a desire, or a habit of sin that they are struggling with? For most everyone, there is one temptation that they face regularly...sometimes they come out on top, sometimes they don't. Where does this sin begin and what is a way to fight it?

Most of the time, it begins in our minds. We start thinking about something we want or desire, and then we think about it a little more. We keep thinking about it and eventually take action on it. Our minds are powerful influences on our behavior. Paul says in Romans 8... "Those who live according to the sinful nature have their MINDS SET on what that nature desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their MINDS SET on what the Spirit desires."

How simple are those words? Set your mind on sin, you sin. Set your mind on the Spirit, you walk by the Spirit. We must be alert to what is going through our minds...these thoughts are often what will steer our actions. We CAN control our minds...when bad thoughts are there, think about something else. When they come back...either 2 seconds later or the next day, think on something else again. We must train our minds to not think on the sinful.

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Date:2005-08-05 15:07
Subject:Offending Nonbelievers

Not too long ago a Muslim woman in Florida was allowed to cover her face in her driver's license picture so as not too offend her religion. Many movements in our society are focused on preventing causing offense to other people. Recently several NCAA athletic teams were forced to change their mascot from the Indians to something else so as not to offend Native Americans. I'm not saying all this is wrong, but as Christians we must not get too caught up in not offending people. Especially when it comes to tolerating something we know is wrong just so we do not offend someone.

There will be many times in our lives when we will have to stand up against something that is sinful...and we WILL offend someone. In Jesus's time, many of the Pharisee were glorified sinners, not following after God. In His dealings with the Pharisees, He often offended them. In Matthew 15, Jesus is rebuking the Pharisees for getting so caught up in rules such as washing their hands before eating a meal. Afterwards, His disciples come to Him and say, "Do you know that the Pharisees were offended when they heard this?" Jesus's reaction was basically I don't care! He said, "Leave them; they are blind guides."

Jesus was not worried about offending sinners. He stood up for what He knew was right, and if some didn't like it...so what? He moved on. It's also important to note that He didn't just lash out at them over and over, condemning them to Hell. He simply told them what He knew was right and moved on. We should do no different in our interactions with nonbelivers. It's important that people know what we stand for, and it's equally important that they know what we won't stand for...even if it does offend them. Don't be afraid to stand up against what is wrong...Jesus is honored when we do, even if it does offend someone.

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Date:2005-08-04 21:03
Subject:Causing Others to Sin

Do you ever think about how your actions may be causing others to mess up in their own lives? We concentrate a lot on ourselves and our own behavior, but we rarely step back to look at the effect we have on others. If you think no one is influenced by you, think again. No matter who you are, each of us influences someone else in some way.
"Jesus said to his disciples: 'Things that cause people to sin are bound to come, but woe to that person through whom they come." Luke 17:1
Think of your brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, children, roommates, and friends. What do you do when you're around them that could lead them into something bad they otherwise might not be involved in? If you like to drink but your influencee does not, could you be slowly moving them in that direction? And even if you don't drink enough to get wasted, you may be opening the door for that person to do so. With so many of our actions we may only think we are doing it to ourselves, but this is often not the case. You may have a girlfriend/boyfriend with whom you are crossing the physical boundaries a little, but know you won't let yourself have sex with them. However, you may in fact be opening the door for that person and helping them along a road that may lead to having sex with someone else before marriage.
Look at how you act around others and consider what effect it may have on their future. Jesus said it would be better for a person to be thrown into the sea than to cause another to sin.

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